Saturday, January 1, 2011

i don't even know

i thought i'd start the new year off right with a blog post. and not really so much about new year's resolutions.. at all. so a couple of days after christmas, we (my mom, stephani and i) found THE WEIRDEST thing any of us have EVER seen on etsy.. and not the weirdest thing on etsy, but the weirdest thing we've ever seen and it happened to be on etsy... while looking for a babydoll for little brei. Unfortunately we ran into this thing... the creator calls it 'mother child chicken egg'.
I mostly just want to know why. ***WARNING*** you probably really don't want kids to see this. it's that weird. just keep scrolling...
What is that??!! it just came out of that other thing and it does not look right.. at all.
And now there is granny two face, in with the family of weirdness.
here is the link so i don't get into trouble for using the pictures. mother child chicken egg

Are we the only ones who got completely FREAKED OUT by this weirdo's 'doll'? who gives children things like this and who pays $40 for them? don't worry though, the seller hand sculpted them, so your child will be the only one who has this weird...ness. And what is with the fur around the chicken and granny's area?? how come no other part of the doll is even remotely close to anatomically correct? Why doesn't the chicken even look like a chicken? and that is no egg that came out of that 'chicken' This person is a freak!!

All i have to say is there are far too many weirdos walking around out there. FAR too many.

I do apologize if you feel at all violated for having looked at this post. but i had to share the weirdness. I'm pretty sure we laughed for a half an hour after we got over the shock of what we were seeing. Happy New Year!! I promise not to post weird stuff like this ever again... sorry, maybe that will be my new year's resolution to the blogging world.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

maybe its my pregnant brain

but how do you look at friends blogs from your own blog page? i think i should know this.

also when you can't remember what you were doing when what you were doing is sitting right in front of your face that is a problem. a big one. am i the only crazy pregnant person out here? i don't remember being this way before becoming pregnant, so it must be pregnancy, or maybe its the pregnancy that has gotten me confused and i was this way before but it all feels new because i'm pregnant. i think its bed time.

oh! cory finally got over his crib commitment issues and we bought one! yay a place for baby to sleep! i'll post a pic as soon as i get it all done up with blankets and bedding!

Friday, July 16, 2010


hello hello! i am a terrible blogger and have not blogged in months, but now i have something new to blog about... our BABY thats on his/her way! we are going to have a baby! we both just graduated from school, and so i suppose it is timely, but still unexpected! we are very excited, I am 13 weeks along and feeling great, not much sickness at all, and i'm getting less tired as the weeks go by. i can't wait to be a mom and do mom things, like make lunch and take kids to the pool and go on pic nics and play games, life is sweet and i already love my little kiddo. AND now i can put one of those posters on my blog that say 'i'm so crafty i make people' i think that is so funny. the picture is when i'm only a few weeks along, there are no arms or legs yet, just little nubs, the bottom is his/her head. We got to hear the heart beat and see our kiddo moving, cory just kept laughing, it was really cute, i can't wait for our little guy/girly to get here! as far as baby bumbs go, mine is still non-existant, and i'm still in my regular clothes. we are due on jan 15!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


i over ate and now feel sick and can't find a stinking template that i like. i should refrain from blogging while grumpy.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

i just don't want to go to bed

but i really should because i have class early tomorrow, 9am early, but still. that 3 day weekend tampered with my internal clock. Can i just say how sad i am that i didn't win that letterpress from my cousin Mac's wife's blog blackeiffel? her blog is so pretty and everything that mine is not, and that was the second thing i tried to win, but she is kind of famous or something and there were near 1,000 people who entered to win, and i'm just not the winning type. cory got a new guitar and it is beautiful and he has been playing non-stop, mid-terms are next week and we are giving talks on sunday, we were asked just this evening.. i want to be proactive and get this week accomplished but i'm just not even feeling motivated or stressed. its my own fault really, i made it a goal this semester not to get stressed out about stuff and i have been very successful. though i've found that with no stress comes no progress. you can't have it all. but you can have some of it. so pick the good stuff.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

to our friends

well i think i've ignored my blog for long enough. it's true, all the things you guys were thinking about me, i died, luckily i was revived, but then i still continued to ignore my blog because.. well it is just too darn depressing to think that while i love rexburg and all of it's wonderful inhabitants, I MISS MY FRIENDS. and that is exactly what this blog reminds me of. now that i know what its like to be left in rexburg friendlessly i know just how cruel it is. and i'm sure that those friends whom i speak of whom, they know who they are, are enjoying life to the fullest i just want them to know that although i have been an awful horrible person for not keeping up with them, i think about you guys a lot and hope that you are having wonderful adventures in michigan and china respectively. a blog without a pic is a sad blog, but this is kind of a sad blog anyway.. maybe i should find a pic real quick so it is less sad..
we ran a triathlon this last fall, that's me running! almost there!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


tonight we (todd(my father in law), Cory, and Myself) were watching the food channel which had throw down with bobby flay on. they were making blueberry pancakes. and that sounded good.. we couldn't make our own pancakes considering the paces are remodeling their kitchen and do not have one at the moment. so we went to the valley hotel aka the v-ho for some pancakes at roughly 9 o'clock tonight. upon ordering our pancakes cory thought it necessary to ask the server, a young woman, how big the pancakes are. she told him that they were pretty normal size, but size varies by cook and the morning cooks made bigger ones. then cory asked if he could have big pancakes.. like man sized pancakes.. you see, he was pretty hungry. the server was a pretty sweet girl and said she would ask for some BIG ol' pancakes... and this is what came from the kitchen minutes later...
do notice that the pancake cory is eating is only about half the original size, there are two, the second one is behind his head..and roughly the size of his head. we dubbed these man-cakes, as you can see, no regular boy could consume this monstrous meal.

our coy little waitress came back to check on our progress and cory told her that these were definately man size pancakes (and it was obvious that he would not be finishing them anytime tonight) and in her innocent little voice she said 'are you going to man up?' she was so cute! ha, she made my night, deflated cory's ego, and made the dog happy all in one dish.